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ClinXL: who we are

ClinXL was founded in 2022 by Naomi Berdugo, after 18 years of experience in the Bioinformatics and Clinical Data Management fields in France and in Israel.

Passionate about clinical trials and challenge-driven, we believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service, and we are committed to providing just that.


Our mission is to provide a leading expertise in clinical data management and statistics fields, for your clinical trials. 

We are committed to a meticulous work under strict Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the highest standards of quality when building the database (EDC), collecting data, cleaning data, and performing statistical analyses.

We always have in mind that we are here for 4 goals:

  1. Ensure data integrity and accuracy at every step

  2. Maximize the chances for your product to be approved, using the right statistical plan

  3. Minimize the burden of monitoring and data cleaning

  4. Work in close cooperation with the Sponsor and the whole study team to always comply with the study requirements, and assist every party involved in the process.

How do we reach Excellence ?

  • Thanks to a strong technical knowledge in our respective fields of expertise

  • Thanks to years of experience in the world of Clinical Trials

  • Thanks to a real flexibility to fit our customer's needs and expectations

  • Thanks to a true sense of customer service: you can call whenever for any questions, requests or need for technical support: we are simply here for you!

Our services include a wide range of data management and statistical activities that are needed for all types of clinical trials, whether for drugs or devices, for startup companies, big pharma or academic institutes.

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