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Naomi Berdugo

CEO & Head of Clinical Data Management

Naomi Berdugo holds a Master in bioinformatics from Paris University and a degree in medical statistics from the CESAM center in Paris.


Over 18 years of experience, she’s been working in a startup, an academic institute and a service company in France and in Israel. For each professional experience, her challenging role was to found the biometrics and/or the data management departments.  


These rich experiences, along with a growing passion for clinical trials and the Data world prompted Naomi to focus on clinical data management only. She developed her own methods to build EDCs, ensure data quality and provide a strong support to the client until the project’s completion. 

Leah Price

Head of Biostatistics

Dr. Leah Price has over 20 years of experience as a statistical consultant.  She holds a PhD in biostatistics from New York University.


Leah has designed many clinical trials, analyzed hundreds of large and small datasets, performed analyses on clinical trial data, written statistical analysis plans, and produced reports of results in a variety of disease areas, including oncology, vaccines, neurological disorders, and medical device studies.


She worked at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the New York University Medical Center. She conducted many data analyses on both small and large datasets resulting in more than 50 publications. 

Leah has served as a statistical consultant to CROs and pharmaceutical companies assisting clients with trial design and analysis and submissions to the FDA and other regulatory authorities.

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