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Customer satisfaction in data services for clinical trials

Leading an investigational product to the market is a long and tortuous journey. You want your data to be of the highest quality, you want the statistical analysis to be accurate and presented properly to the regulatory authorities.

In this context, the quality of the platform used (EDC system, SAS programming, reporting tools….) and the CV of the data professionals are not a sufficient guarantee that the data collection, data management and analysis will be optimal.

The EDC programmer, the data manager and the statistician must support the study personnel at each step, so that they all have someone to talk at any time for any questions or new requirements. Releasing an EDC or a statistical analysis does not mean that our mission is completed. Supporting the client when technical issues occur, training the users when needed, adding some functionalities to comply with a protocol amendment, changing the design to match the Sponsor expectations, issuing reports to help the monitor with data cleaning & validation, being responsive to the FDA …. We still have a lot of daily tasks in order to provide our Clients with peace of mind.

That’s why at ClinXL we are extremely rigorous on Customer Service. It’s not just that “we’re happy to help”. Making a customer happy is truly our mission and gives us the best of satisfaction. That’s what we are committed to, and our customers know it.

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